New Build is Available Now!

Greetings to everyone!

We’ve made a small present for everyone that ever supported us
We hope you will enjoy our Special Winter Event

Current Patch: v. 0.0.7

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  • Censorship.

    Now you finaly got the loader/server issue out of the way I can't log in without the censored version. Let me pre hand your respons realy quickly. Yes I did connect to the Patreon in the first place. I Did use the new installer as you told us to. Everything worked fine untill I relogged into your game and it was all censored. Now what? Besides I tribute $25 a month for this? Now I have a game that is busted and censored. Will I have to keep paying you people to keep playing?

  • #2
    I see that you don't have the packages
    We saw the history of your transactions
    You've donated 25$ of September (1st of every month is the date of new charging)
    Almost next day, you were charged another 25$ for October
    And you refunded your money for October
    Result, you don't have access.
    That was Patreon's fault
    We didn't know if that was in purpose
    Now we see that you wasn't going to do this
    We will give you the access for this month
    (Actually we need to develop a new system for that)
    It will take us a while, but you will get your access, don't worry)


    • #3
      i added "IV Master" access to your account.
      it should work from now till 06.11.2019 06:11 GMT + 1
      have fun