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Greetings to everyone!

We’ve made a small present for everyone that ever supported us
We hope you will enjoy our Special Winter Event

Current Patch: v. 0.0.7

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[Build v.0.0.2] Release! And also Monthly report

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  • [Build v.0.0.2] Release! And also Monthly report

    Breaking news everyone! This is our first release!

    It’s the Mansion (part of Sandbox) and Work still In Progress!

    We also give a Free Trial Version to everyone

    If you enjoy, you can try Subscribe our Patreon and select your tier

    This Mansion Location will become the complete SandBox ASAP

    To this Mansion Location and it will become the complete SandBox

    Now you can enjoy some game features while we are developing the core gameplay for the SandBox

    Now we have few bags and we know that and already working on it


    Hello everyone

    To play the Magissy you need
    1. Download game Launcher
    2. Unpack ZIP file (NOT ON DESKTOP = it won’t work)
    3. Launch Magissy.exe
    4. Wait for the Game Download (It can start several times, don’t worry it’s ok)
    5. Play Button
    6. If you don’t have an account:
    7. Log In
    8. Enjoy


    If you want to join our Patreon and you have an account, you need to Link your Accounts here:

    To get the access to the Tier Content

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    Thanks for the game, but I can't log in to the game it says the "password incorrect"
    Last edited by Trebor; 09-01-2019, 04:22 PM.


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    Trebor is your issue solved ?