Greetings to everyone!

We’ve made a small present for everyone that ever supported us
We hope you will enjoy our Special Winter Event
This Event has No censorship For All Users!
To start the event - Use the Teleport in the Basement (starting location)

Download the Game Launcher - The Game will be Downloaded and Updated through it
(if you don't have it already)

Download - v0.0.7 without Launcher (takes less space)

Download - v0.0.7 without Launcher (Google Drive Mirror)

Web Demo Link

Full List of Improvements

Patrons with Tier II Apprentice can now also enter “Lirn” but not into the city
  • New - login remember me option
  • New - sound settings before auth
  • New - event location
  • New - 2 sex animations
  • New - Dress set
  • Update - Thamrod interior
  • Update - All sounds are now bound to audio settings
  • Fixed - inventory can be opened if it's allowed
  • Fixed - hair coloring in customization
  • Fixed - legs do not rotate anymore if alt pressed
  • minor improvements