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Here Can be your Large Suggestions for The Game

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  • Here Can be your Large Suggestions for The Game

    Thank you for your Credit and Opinion!

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    #. Can't attach an image here. You using default php option for 2 mb. Better to change to 10 at least.


    1. By some reason, when I run the game, it runs Steam VR. Steam off by other hand at the moment.
    2. Change language to russian = menu dissapear. Screen: Now game seems to be broken. Can't change the language to english. Is there any way to fix it without game reinstall? Update: randomly found it. Changed. But this thing need to be fixed.
    3. Game freeze if you try to enter in main menu or exit to windows after some time in open world. Alt + F4 only works then.


    1. Black screen and nothing for loading process. Better to make something with that. One of the basic principles of usability. You need a loading rate. No matter how it will be look like.
    2. I see you have a lot of editing options under character creation. But you can't use arrows or change numbers by manual way. I mean, erase the number. Write your own. Using only scrolling is not very convenient, in particular if you want to roll back the changes.
    3. Game has hard blur effect. Especially when running. Better to make it turned off by default.
    4. Running. Too fast for small locations, like start one. May be add an option to increase/decrese run speed.
    5 How about to make free camera? You know, to see your character from all sides, when idle. Right now it's working only from behind or sort of.
    6. White fonts with "continue" button is problematic to see in colorfull open-world. Better make them darker. Or add background for.
    7. You have huge open world generated by UE4 and can run a long way around... If this case a) invisible borders needed b) how about to add a map with map markers?
    8. Jump button?
    #. Add 10-20 ready one girls to choose from. Different type. For those who want just start a game fast. Current default body is already fine fine with subjectively small changes. Same different "cores" can be used as well.


    1. When sex, if you rotate from different angles, there is a regular dip in the texture.
    2. Animations work fine in their basics. But I suppose more sounds for sex parts is needed. Same to options, additional items... Not much to tell here. Check other games for. Starting from classic 3DSexVilla / with mods to others (you can find a topic on loverslab) and mods for AAA games, example, Fallout 4. Leito's animations.


    1. The is no way to back in temple, right?
    2. There is no any NPC to actually to interact with at the moment, right? I mean quests, sex, etc.?

    At the moment game seems to be very raw. Has good graphics and potencial in case number of editing options you have but in other other stuff there is nothing to actually to do here at the moment, i.e. this can not yet be called a prototype, as result in such status can recommend this with "YES" mark it checked list at the moment. If you will +/- deal with list above I can explore game more then just 10 minutes running around I guess. I see that, at current state, you have low patreon support. But, if you planning to increase that, you need, as already said, something better as "basic core" that actual build is + some videos. 2-3 will be enough.

    Well. Acrroding to this screen "useful" build ~ will be in february+ 2020?
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      Hello! Great thank you for your experience and suggestions!
      We will take everything into account.
      About the Game. Yes it's raw, but with the Patch 0.0.5 (coming soon) it will be okay, and we will be promoting it hard starting from this version.
      And we are going to add here: Sex interactions, quests and almost everything you told (we've done it, currently optimizing the game for best performance)
      Blur and etc. will be the minor fixes...

      About the Game videos - Yeah, we plan to make them after the 5th Build Update.

      About the date - we aren't sure if we encounter new troubles, so the date is a little hazy.
      Actually, yes It will be ready not later than in Febrary 2020 for sure. That's the maximum time it will take us.

      We will fix the Russian language issue, when we finish 0.0.7 Update. A nice Russian Localization Required

      We don't know why SteamVR works O.o that's weird! We didn't implement Steam link yet.

      Sorry about the 2M Image Limit( We'll try to fix that now

      By the way, hold left Alt for free cam))
      Thank you for your time! Your words are really important for us!
      That was very constructive criticism and nice suggestions!



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        Finally got the game to work and I just decided to give it a try.

        Visually, it looks stunning. The interiors look pretty authentic. I was really impress with the forest area in the starting area after you teleport out of the dungeon area. Trees look like real trees. I feel with a little more polishing it would look more stunning.

        However I was kind of disappointed in the male npc's. One they were all bald and had pretty much the same face. It's understandable if they are just fill in models until you work on other characters to interact with but I found them to very bland looking considering that the pigs looked really fantastic. Maybe add some different variations of the pigs, give them spots or different colors like mud. They looked really clean for farm animals. Hopefully other animals like birds and horses and deer or bears make it into the game. Even dragonflies or glitterbugs buzzing around etc.

        I was actually puzzle why I wasnt able to jump or crouch? Maybe that will be added later with combat.

        Okay let me take about the sex animations for a second. Although they look good. Pretty much the expressions of the MC and the partners are without expressions. Like the demon guy that you can summon would be doing you missionary and your face look like a blank canvas. So maybe adding some emotions in both the characters would be deeply immersive.

        Also it would be great if you can add cumming features. Like if are doing a blowjob scene that maybe it could lead into a scene with the npc blowing his load inside or outside her mouth, or if they were having sex then he could cum inside her or on her back, chest etc.

        But if would also good if you could add saliva effects during blowjobs. Plus that well she is giving blowjobs that she can be actually sucking cock and not just lets a cock just rock back and forth. Like licking the tip or balls etc. Obviously a technical challenge but I am sure it can be done.

        Movement. Maybe I am just spoiled because a lot of new games have this features with characters. Is when I move my character I would like to see them move their legs to position themselves to the left or right side. Instead of sliding into place.Good examples of this is like the Witcher 3 or Tomb Raider where when you turn to your left of right you legs follow instead of sliding into place.

        Another thing this isn't the Witcher, so making references about Witcher senses should totally be named something else. You are not a witcher, you are a witch but not a walking female Geralt or Ciri.
        Another thing this isn't the Witcher, so making references about Witcher senses should totally be named something else. You are not a witcher, you are a witch, not a walking female Geralt or Ciri.

        Just was wondering if this would have controller support later on?
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          thank you,
          Sex system will receive basic emotions in patch 0.0.6
          For complex sex mechanics like cumming, we still researching how to implement it. So no idea when it will be added.

          Jump comes with patch 0.0.6 / crouching arround patch 0.0.7

          Movement - Sliding into Place will be replaced in patch 0.0.6 with animations

          Witcher/Witch Instinct or w/e maybe will be renamed

          Controller support is possible but not yet.