Magissy - Adult RPG


We are Bit Fat Games.

And we have a dream of creating the first old style Adult RPG game and start the new era of Adult content for PC.

We are working on the Magissy Game now -

The key idea of our project is very simple:

  • We want to give gamers a high quality world full of adventures, gameplay, story and implement a complex system of relationships that is going to allow players do whatever they want regarding sex and love.
  • Magissy is going to become an old fashioned RPG game in terms of the storyline
  • We have an opportunity to play hard about nudity and relationship (Because that is what exactly lacks any Role Play Game)
  • We are sure that making Adult content a part of the core gameplay is what everyone wants!
  • People supporting us can influence the process and change the game

Magissy Game is in the Stage of Development.

We've been working on it for over half a year.

Now our work is all about mechanics, coding and core of the game.

Although, we always keep making Content for our Patrons.


The Story:

You are the one of the most powerful witches ever existed, but still no one knows about it

Your Koven once ruled the whole universe was completely destroyed.

Hiding in your castle for ages you’ve forgotten many things and lost your power.

Now you have to see what has become of the land that once belonged to you.

Find new servants or enemies for yourself and restore your power over the continent

Explore all Game Mechanics - When the Game starts you are in your Summoner's Base:

  • Summon the Creatures
  • Explore All the Features and Steadily Upcoming New Locations
  • The Game is always Updated and you can come across something new in every Patch!
  • Build any kind or relationships.
  • Ultimate Customizator
  • Explore Grand Map (Always Updated)

We are About to Make this Real:

  • High Quality Magical World full of Creatures and Adventures
  • Extremely High Quality Graphics
  • Decide what kind of person you want to be - physically and mentally
  • Summon Creatures or Monsters or Build Relationships with People Around.
  • Have sex or love.
  • Make your sexyal life exactly what you want with the help of magic
  • Magic will be your creative tool. Learn and use this power as you wish.
  • Destroy, heal, seduce and do what you want to the whole world. It’s all up to you.
  • Dive into the mystic world of new, explore its borders and be brave to make your choices.
  • Enslave,Torture Or Be Nice with Creatures, Companions and People Around.


See the General ChangeLog!


List of current members:

Permanent Active - Core

  • GGosu (Project Lead / Tech / Art / Code / Level Design)
  • Ronald (Code / Animation)

Partly Active - Helping -

  • Master Kan (Screenwriter / Text / Translation) -
  • Vilence (Sounds / Soundtrack)


Download Press Kit:

it contains screenshots, logos, icons and etc.